Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) is a complete & proactive remote service monitoring solution tool that saves users time and money. The Kyocera dealer supporting Service Desk can monitor copier and printer fleet devices in real time, anticipate problems, and even schedule remote firmware updates during off-peak hours, all on a highly secure solution.  Customers can also view their fleet performance with KFS.

KFS is hosted offsite on the highly secure cloud of Microsoft Azure, reducing IT staff workload.

  • No additional server is needed
  • Real-time remote Service Desk diagnostics and alerts to prevent potential down time
  • Real-time Service Desk message instructions to users on operation panel display
  • Real time remote error resolution, code reset to get units up and running quickly
  • Scheduled after hour remote firmware updates to have the latest performance improvements
  • Continuous monitoring of toner supply with auto order replenishment and delivery to the unit
  • Eliminates virtually all maintenance needs by the end user allowing more time on priority tasks
  • Lowers reactive down time resulting in more availability of Kyocera devices in your fleet 

KFS also provides usage data: Which devices are the most used? Which ones are the least? Is there too much color printing? Or not enough? Optimize user group copiers/printers infrastructure with an initial site survey & analysis at the start before implementation or over time. The infrastructure can be optimized to better meet the unique and ever-changing needs of any group within an organization.

Better understanding of needs with robust proactive performance & usage data

  • Identify trends & user group needs
  • Detailed analysis & customizable reports available by email on demand or scheduled
  • Optimize device configuration to meet changing needs
  • Mapped copiers /printers to floorplans available online
  • Devices appropriately sized & feature set through-out your Fleet


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KYOCERA Document Solutions offers an award-winning range of device technology and integrated business process improvement solutions that work together seamlessly. From desktop printers and multifunctional printers to robust colour and black & white multifunctional products and business applications, our solutions turn otherwise complex data and document workflows into simple, efficient processes.


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