Kyocera Document Solution Drastically Reduces Meeting Prep Time For Government Agency


A government office was wasting hours of valuable time on an inefficient, multi-step process of scanning, printing, collating and distributing documents before every meeting.


With a TASKalfa 7550ci MFP, Cloud Connect and Evernote®, staff now easily scan to and share documents via the Cloud – materials are prepped in 1/10 of the time!


Before each frequently held planning meeting, members of one city council received a large packet of information with the latest plans, proposals and initiatives. Each packet was comprised of documents from several different sources, taking an average of 6 hours a month to assemble.

The city approached 3 vendors, seeking a more efficient, less wasteful process. The first 2 offered localized scanning solutions but stopped there, failing to address the time and money wasted printing, assembling and distributing.

Only the KYOCERA Dealer provided a total solution: a HyPAS-enabled TASKalfa 7550ci MFP with KYOCERA Cloud Connect, a robust application allowing users to retrieve and print files in Evernote and Google Drive™, cloud storage providers. You can even upload scanned files via Evernote and Google Drive, eliminating the need to print, collate, assemble and distribute hard copies, with the added benefit of being available well in advance of meetings.

And instead of taking 6 hours, it’s done in under 20 minutes!

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KYOCERA Sees Your Company Differently

We see your information, your documents. We assess the processes you use to run your business - day to day, minute to minute - and find ways to make them more efficient, more cost-effective, and more secure.

KYOCERA's Total Document Solutions approach is about identifying each customer's specific needs, then designing a customized solution, a unique combination of hardware, software and services that help your business run more productively.

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