Kyocera 'Advises' Law Firm On Managing Their Day-to-Day Workflow


A law firm relied upon MFPs to scan and send files to folders without a consistent document management protocol. This resulted in frequently lost or misplaced files.


Implemented a document workflow system using DMS Link and PinPoint Scan. The KYOCERA apps would connect the MFPs to the current document management system, streamlining storage and filing.


DMS Link would connect the KYOCERA MFPs to the firm’s current document management system; it would also facilitate a folder hierarchy and naming convention for simplified storage and filing.

PinPoint Scan would allow employees to scan documents to their PCs or Macs with a secured PIN directly from their network connected KYOCERA MFP, allowing for secure access to folders as well as easy document retrieval at their desktop.

The KYOCERA dealer set DMS Link to offer two folder trees, and to prompt the user for client and document names. The dealer also added a keyboard to use at the MFP to help speed data entry. PinPoint Scan was setup to provide PIN based access to management specific folders on their PC or Mac.

The firm’s employees immediately found the new system easy to use. They sent new documents as well as archived paperwork to the proper folders—with a consistent naming protocol.

The files could now be retrieved more effectively, and thanks to PinPoint Scan, management had secure access to their specific files.

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